Angel with silver wings small and Blue Lace Agate

Angel with silver wings small and Blue Lace Agate

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This beautiful Angel suncatcher is made with Swarovski crystal and Blue Lace Agate.

Blue Lace Agate tag on this suncatcher reads -

"Blue Lace Agate is for angelic Contact.  My soft energy is cooling and calming. Bring you peace of mind and oen to angelic contact and communication."

Angel measures 5cm x 4.5cm including crystal drop and hangs 34cm approx.

Available with different gemstones which all have different qualities stated below.

"Snowflake Obsidian is for Balance.  I will balance body, mind and spirit. Bring calm, teaches you to value mistakes and successes. Help release 'wrong thinking', loneliness and circulation."

"Turquoise is for Protection.  I will protect you, bring you inner calm and stabilize mood swings. help with exhaustion and panic attacks. I will dispel negative energies."

"Moonstone is for New Beginning.  I will calm emotions, balance male - female energies and reduce stress. Help with reproductive systems, PMS, toxins, fluid retention, insomnia, dreaming and enhance psychic."

"Carnelian is for Protection.  I can protect you from negative energies. Help you with business success, courage and motivation. attracting abundance."

"Rose Quartz is for Love.  I will fill you with the warmth of unconditional love. Inner peace and happiness will surround you. Help you with addiction and depression."

"Clear Quartz is for Cleansing.  I will cleanse and heal your body and act as a deep cleanser, connecting body and mind."

 "Malachite is for Peace.  I will absorb negative energies, reduce stress and tension. Bring you inner peace. Help you with sleep, arthritis, asthma and blood. "

"Lapis Lazuli is for Healing. I will give you wisdom, love and deep peace. Open your awareness to your intuition and psychic ability. Help you with pain relief, anxiety, insomnia and purifies blood."

"Peridot is for Cleanser.  I will protect you, help keep away evil spirits. Release 'old baggage'. Help with stress,anger, confidence, jealousy, guilt, obsession and resentment."

"Amethyst is for Calming.  I will bring you inner peace and harmony. Reduce stress and bring calming. Help you with pain relief, arthritis, nightmares and chronic fatigue."

"Garnet is for Passion.  I will enhance and balance your sex drive, inspiring love, devotion and commitment. Help you with circulation, blood and allergies"

"Citrine is for Wealth.  I will bring you joy and happiness. Bring wealth, mental clarity and motivation. Help with study, nightmares, phobias, anger obsession and resentment."

"Smokey Quartz is for Grounding.  I will ground and anchor you, reduce stress and dissolve negative emotions. Help with dreams and nightmares, concentration, fear of failure, positivity and pain relief."

"Tigers Eye is for goals. I will Protect you, giving you mental clarity and courage to assist in accomplishing your goal. Help with addiction, depression and bring harmony."

"Hematite is for Confidence.  I will protect and dissolve negatively, stimulate concentration and focus. Give you confidence and enhance will power."